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Each of our practitioners have been carefully selected to provide exceptional healing. We work hard to bring our highly developed intuition, excellent clinical skills, and experience to help those in need of direction and personal guidance.

Dr. Monika A. Siedlarz, pediatrician for Beyond Healing Counseling.

M.D. Zenflower Integrative Pediatrics, Medical Consultant

Tina Musselman, counselor for Beyond Healing Counseling.

LPC, RD, LDN, CLT, Nutrition

Melissa Howard

Music Therapist

Ciara Nichols, counselor for Beyond Healing Counselor.

LPC, NBCC, Meditation Guide, Reiki Practitioner

Erin Shea, alternative healer for Beyond Healing Counseling.

Reiki Master

Lisa Okichich, massage therapist for Beyond Healing Counseling.

Massage Therapist

Jenna Dodoer, counselor in training for Beyond Healing Counseling.

Reiki Practitioner

Dr. Tracey Kim Snow, Founder, Owner, Counselor of Beyond Healing Counseling.

Founder, Owner, Counselor, Author, Presenter, LCPC, NCC, CFT, RMT, EMDR Therapist, Reiki Master

Counseling is my calling. I feel honored to play a role in assisting people to overcome obstacles and to become the person that they always felt was possible.