Bliss Massage

Everything you want out of a luxury massage treatment without having to head to a resort. Elements of heat along with aromatherapy to take your mind and body to another level of relaxation. Therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques to ease pain and tension from your muscles.

$90 – 60 minute
$135 – 90 minute

Zen Mom Massage

Do you deal with chronic pain? The Zen Mom Massage has all the elements of the Bliss Massage but includes the addition of Massage Cups to get deeper into those sticky, stuck areas of chronic tension. This massage will put you in a zen state of mind while flushing away all of the crap your body doesn’t need. (I do recommend 90 minutes for this one)

$105 – 60 Minute
$155 – 90 Minute

Headache Focus

Concentrated, deep work on neck and shoulders, focusing on releasing pressure points that contribute to your specific type of headache.

$90 – 60 Minute
$135 – 90 Minute

CranioSacral Therapy

Gentle manipulation and release of restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the function of the central nervous system

*All massage services can be accommodated for all stages of pregnancy

Mom’s Night Out Facelift Cupping

Brighten, firm, and lift your face with the gentle suction of facial cups. This relaxing service will instantly make you fresh faced for a night out.

$55 – 30 Minutes
For long term anti aging benefits, must book as a series. Contact Lisa for more info.

Seasonal Sugar Scrub

Changing seasonally; this full body scrub can be added on to any massage.
February’s scrub contains the delicious, warm aroma of Vanilla.

$55 – 30 Minutes

Add On

Hot Stones $10 for back/$20 for full body
Massage Cups for your back $10

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