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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Why DBT for adolescents?  

Through a combination of mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness, DBT leads adolescents through the process of making long-lasting and meaningful changes in their lives. The goal is to provide them with the skills to self-manage through periods of intense or painful emotions. DBT is available to treat early adolescents and adolescents. 

The skills training group consists of 8 weeks sessions that are 1 hour a week, with individual therapy happening upon request. The adolescents are expected to participate in the group and are asked to complete homework each week. 

The skills group consists of 4 units. 

Core Mindfulness  

Distress Tolerance 

Emotion Regulation  

Interpersonal Effectiveness


Investment: $35 per session

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Do you struggle with managing your emotions?  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps direct your thoughts in a way that will keep you mindful and present. Learn skills such as mindfulness to manage overwhelming emotions, emotional acceptance, distress tolerance, healthy communication skills, radical acceptance to decrease emotional suffering, and learn how to challenge negative thought patterns.

Help get back in control over your life, body, and mind by learning these skills while connecting with others. We welcome you to a supportive and understanding environment to talk about difficulties and practice these skills.


Investment: $35 per session

Identifying the Signs Group

Your body and mind do not know the difference between a bear chasing you, filtering through stressful emails or a tough day. Over time, this chronic unrelenting low-grade stress will wear you down resulting, not only mental/emotional fatigue, but physical symptoms and chronic disease.  One diagnosis and medication layered upon another with no end in sight.
If you:
– Count down for the day to be over
– Feel burnt out or worn down
– Have fatigue or slumps during the day
– Can’t recall the last time you experienced joy or happiness
– Experience pain
– Have depression, anxiety or mental fog
– Can’t fall asleep, stay asleep or go back to sleep
– Wake up unrefreshed
– Suspect hormonal imbalances (stress hormones will impair sex hormones including testosterone)
– Have a “sluggish” thyroid
– IBS or other GI Concerns
It’s time to start feeling good again and take control of your life.  Join us for to learn about SOS Stress Recovery.
The program will help you:
– Understand your symptoms of stress, overwork and burnout and how they are impacting the quality of your life
– Enhance the outcomes you can receive from talk therapy
– Connect the dots between your thoughts, emotions and body
–  Identify the 4 Components of stress/recovery: perceptions, sleep/wake cycles, blood glucose and inflammation
– Describe how stress hormones impedes sex and thyroid hormone, including testosterone
– How to create health, joy and vitality once again

This group is for adult couples of any age & any relationship structure. It uses evidence-based research such as: Gottman & other prominent researchers. It helps couples deal with the critical issues that get in their way. Topics covered: communication styles, attachment styles, conflict resolution skills, sex, finances, & more.

This is a closed group for privacy purposes


Investment: FREE

Group 1

This group uses empirically based approaches helping guide individuals through the coming out process, finding a new identity, and dealing with some of the obstacles faced by the queer community. Topics covered: understand self-esteem, healthy relationships, judgement, bullying, religious aspects, and family dynamics.


Investment: $35 per session

Group 2

This group is for ages 13-17 & helps teens to understand themselves & others. This group works at helping teens in building healthy relationships with themselves & others while getting support from peers. Topics covered: All aspects of self-identity, self-esteem building activities, assertiveness training, communication skills, social media & boundaries, & art & music therapy.


Investment: $35 per session

Group 3

This group is for all parents & teaches evidence-based parenting practices to help strengthen the bond between you & your child. Topics covered: discipline, communication with children, developmental milestones, how to work with kids at different ages, & responsibility & respect.

Investment: $35 per session

Group 4

This group is more than just a community; it’s a haven for individuals navigating the intricate path of IVF and infertility. Here, we share our stories, triumphs, and challenges, weaving a tapestry of understanding and support.

Investment: $35 per session

Phoenix Rising – Divorce & Recovery

Raindrops & Rainbows – Grief Support for Kids

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