Nicole Sorice, counselor in training at Beyond Healing Counseling.

Nicole Sorice

MA Counselor

Hi! I’m Nicole and my background is primarily in the residential setting working with adults and geriatrics affected by dementia, severe mental illness, and comorbid disease & disorders. I currently work with individuals of all ages. I believe the therapeutic bond to be a sacred alliance between both therapist and client. I genuinely believe in the individual’s innate ability to foster their own growth and healing.

I cannot make the hard things go away, however, I hold the intention of walking with and assisting my clients in their unique exploration of themselves and nurturing the power that is already theirs. You’re probably wondering about the theories that influence my approach. . .

I am psychoanalytically inclined and integrate various approaches that best fit or are of significance to the individuals that I work with. I find value in client-led, compassion-oriented, and mindfulness-based approaches to augment the therapeutic process & benefit the exploration, development, acceptance, integration, and healing of the authentic self.