Maryam Salameh

Counselor in Training

My life changed when I learned about self-compassion. As a young girl, I always felt the need to find solutions because of my upbringing. This led me to want to pursue a degree in Clinical Psychology because I wanted to learn how to accept my past, but also learn how to help others accept their past as well. My goal as an intern is to be authentic and compassionate towards others, as well as offering a safe space so individuals can share their stories knowing that their stories matter. I am currently working at a nonprofit organization as a domestic abuse advocate, and I have worked with survivors that inspire me every day to follow my intuition and to trust that my strengths can lead me to success.

Specialties/Areas to Explore: Mindfulness, Relationships, Family Issues, Play Therapy, Self-Esteem Issues, Boundary Setting, School-Related Concerns, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Grief, Trauma, Gender Based Violence,Anxiety, Depression, Divorce, Life Transitions.