Erin Shea Counselor in training for Beyond Healing Counseling

Erin Shea

Counselor in Training

Hello! My name is Erin Shea. I’m in my final year of the MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Governors State. I have a BA in psychology with a minor in critical identity studies from Beloit College. During my time in Beloit, WI I trained as a victim advocate for the Sexual Assault Recovery Program and hosted volunteering and fundraising events for the local domestic violence shelter. I am a certified domestic violence advocate through the Crisis Center for South Suburbia’s 40-hour training program. Empowering survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, and trauma is one of my life’s greatest missions.

I work from both an individual framework, as well as a systems perspective. This means that I acknowledge the forces outside of individual control that impact mental health, such as racism and homophobia. My goal is to create a safe space where my clients can share their struggles openly without being minimized. I have a passion for holistic wellness, and I believe healing needs to occur on a mental, somatic (body), and energetic level. I use mindfulness and meditation with my clients, teaching them how to use these tools on their own to take control of their own healing journey. I believe every client is unique, therefore every healing journey is as well.

Specialties: sexual violence, trauma, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, meditation, LGBTQ+, spirituality, and reiki.