Emily Little, counselor for Beyond Healing Counseling.

Emily Little

MA Counselor

My name is Emily Little, and I am a graduate intern student at Lewis University in Romeoville, IL. I am in the clinical mental health counseling program and will be working with children and adolescents who may struggle with substance abuse and/or addiction. I am interested in working with children and adolescents simply because there is so much room still for growth and change, whereas adults can be stuck in their ways. I am hoping to make a difference with children who feel like they do not know where they fit or belong. Every kid has felt the nerves of not being accepted, and I want to help those children (and all children) not feel afraid anymore and to feel okay with just “being you” every day. I will be working under the direct supervision of Dr. Tracey Kim Snow and I cannot wait to start helping our children feel normal again.

Specialties: anxiety, depression, ADHD, addictions, and trauma.