Jamie Johnson

LPC, Presenter, Astrologer, CADC, EMDR Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

Counseling is not just a job for me, I see it as a calling. It is an honor and privilege to hold space for individuals while they practice coping strategies, gain self-awareness/self-compassion, explore their beliefs, process traumas, and make decisions that are in alignment with their values.

Regarding experience, my counseling calling began 6 years ago when I started volunteering at Resilience as a Rape Crises Counselor. In that role, I would go be on-call for various hospitals and focus my attention on advocating for Survivors of sexual assault. Then I began volunteering at a drug rehabilitation center while pursuing my master’s degree.
Initially, I was focused on working with the addictions population with an emphasis on being person-centered, utilizing trauma-informed practices, and following a harm reduction model that encourages each individual to explore their own path of recovery. My work with the substance misuse population inspired me to research and learn more about trauma. I followed my inspiration and became an EMDR therapist. Currently, I have experience working with people healing from complex trauma, anxiety, depression, unresolved grief, family dysfunction, and attachment wounds. All the training in treating trauma helped me realize how important the mind/body connection is. With that awareness, I decided it would be helpful to offer clients energy healing for those who are interested.

Truly, I believe the way humans create meaning out of their experiences can either encourage or inhibit their overall well-being, growth potential, and sense of inner peace. Additionally, I focus on helping people become more in tune with their authentic selves while embracing their true power.
I understand that the healing process can hurt more than the initial wound and I believe it is empowering to have someone by your side who will respect, accept, and appreciate you in all your forms while you gain and practice using tools to heal yourself. My intention is to be that person for you.