Emily Flores

LPC, EMDR Therapist

Many of us experience a disconnection from our self-consciousness due earlier traumas during that period. Some of those experiences include stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, childhood wounds, neglect, abuse, and other of life’s challenges. What if I told you could work through that pain and connect to your highest self? A more meaningful and positive self-image. The highest self is connected to intuition, truth, calmness, and wisdom. Finding our highest self can be challenging however achievable. My treatment of modalities is embedded in traditional psychology training and interconnected with holistic healing.

To make any changes in our life, to improve our self-worth requires effort, sacrifice, hope and a willingness to succeed. My clients have succeeded with me as I led them through each step of the process. When our body expects to get better it sends messages to our brain to begin the healing process. Specialties include trauma, depression, anxiety, mindfulness, EMDR, and grief. I am an EMDR therapist. I work solely with individual adult clients.

I have a positive perspective and residency for life that allows me to help each client improve their self-image, self-esteem and become a more resilient person to succeed in their life journey. “Let’s start the journey” The world is full of suffering and people overcoming it. I look forward to doing the work together.

Fun facts about me: I love dogs, working out, and being creative. My golden retriever Hercules is in the process of training to be a therapy dog. I hope to bring him to the office next year supporting my clients.